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62 year old female with blurry vision
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2001
Volume 7, Number 7
November 1, 2001
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Melissa Torralva, M.D. | Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, California 94305
Saad Shaikh, M.D. | Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, California 94305
Visual Acuity: (uncorrected) OD 20/30 OS 20/200

Pupils: Normal (OU), no APD

Motility: Full (OU)

Tonometry: Normal (OU)

Slit Lamp Examination: Normal (OU)

Fundus Examination:
Figure 1
Right Eye. Multiple peripapillary intraretinal and sub-ILM hemorrhages are observed along with mild vascular tortuosity

Figure 2
Left Eye. Multiple peripapillary intraretinal hemorrhages are present including a larger intraretinal hemorrhage extending INTO the macula with a small foveal sub-ILM component. Mild vascular tortuosity is also observed.

Figure 3
Cerebral angiogram with selective injection of the left vertebral artery revealing an aneurysm at the tip of the basilar artery upon presentation.

Figure 4
Presurgical contrast CT revealing hemorrhage in the lateral ventricles.

Figure 5
Presurgical contrast CT revealing widespread intraventricular hemorrhage.