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30 year old man with painless, slowly progressive, bilateral visual loss
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 1996
Volume 2, Number 9
December 10, 1996
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Anita Miedziak, MD | Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Vision: CF at 4 ft OD ph 20/200; 20/30 OS ph 20/20
Pupils: Normal OU, No APD
Slit lamp examination: See Figure 1
Applanation Tonometry: 15 mmHG OU
Fundus examination: Normal OU
Corneal Topography: See Figure 2
Figure 1
Slit-lamp photo of the right eye showing an area of 90% thinning peripherally, extending FROM the 6:00 to the 1:00 o'clock position. Neovascular changes within the furrow are present with an intact epithelium and a leading edge of lipid deposition anteriorly. The left eye showed similar but much milder changes with a 10% thinning over a three clock hour area.

Figure 2
This is the patient's manifest refraction, K readings, and corneal topography.