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27-year-old immuno-compromised male with presumed unilateral subretinal abscess and exudative retinal detachment
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2003
Volume 9, Number 1
March 21, 2003
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Zeynep Ozbek | Dokuz Eylul University
A.O. Saatci | , Dokuz Eylul University
I. Saatci | Hacettepe University
Vision: 20/20 OD, 20/200 OS.
Pupils: Equal, round, RAPD OS.
Motility: Full OU.
IOP:15 mmHg OD, 16 mmHg OS.
Slit-lamp exam: +1 anterior chamber cells and mild to moderate vitritis OS.
Fundus exam: OD: Normal; OS: 5-disk diameter subretinal mass at the posterior pole and exudative inferior-temporal detachment in OS.