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20 year old man with eyelid swelling
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2003
Volume 9, Number 3
October 31, 2003
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Ruben Oliver | UNAM
Jose Luis Tovilla-Canales | UNAM
Oliver Schneider-Ehrenberg | UNAM
Visual acuity OD: 20/20 OS: 20/20

Pupils: Normal OU

Motility: Full OU

Tonometry: Normal OU

Slit lamp examination of the anterior segment: Normal OU

Fundus examination: Normal OU

Eyelid exam: The RUL revealed a mild preseptal cellulitis around an indurated lesion which showed a central fistula draining a serosanguineous material. (Fig 1 and 2)
Figure 1
Eyelid swelling with central ulcerated lesion.

Figure 2
Higher magnification of ulcerated lesion.