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A 65 year old woman with visual changes
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2005
Volume 11, Number 14
July 28, 2005
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Burton Goldstein, M.D. | University of South Floida Eye Institute
David Eichenbaum | Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston/Tufts New England Eye Center

The decision was made for the patient to undergo external palliative radiotherapy for carcinoid disease with presumed metastasic to the left choroid. The patient was scheduled to receive 41.4 Gy of radiotherapy over 23 daily fractions. On follow-up examination two weeks after the start of treatment, the patient’s visual acuity was 25-1 OD and 25-2 OS with correction. Following treatment, the tumor had notably decreased in size on fundus examination and photography. Ultrasonography at that time confirmed decreased tumor mass with dimensions of 9mm x 10.5mm x 2.9mm (Figure 5). Ultrasound changes included a slightly lower internal reflectivity. Additionally, repeated fluorescein angiogram also revealed a significantly smaller tumor with mottled hyperfluorescence in the early venous phase.