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A seven month old baby with a right sticky eye
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2006
Volume 12, Number 3
May 10, 2006
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Imran Rahman | Manchester Royal Eye Hospital
Initially treatment with topical ofloxacin, four times a day, was commenced and attempts made to remove the membranes under topical anaesthesia. At attempted removal with forceps, the membranes began bleeding, inhibiting the view leading to the procedure to be abandoned. G Pred forte (four times a day) was added.

The child was reviewed on a weekly basis with recurrent successful attempts at debridement of the membranes. Following 4 attempts at removal of the upper lid membranes, the decision was made to anesthetise the child for complete excision. The membranes were removed and the child treated with hourly topical Heparin (1000U/ml) and hourly G. Pred forte using the regime described by De Cock et al (1).

On review 2 weeks later, the child was well. The eye was quiet, there was no longer any discharge present or any sign of membrane recurrence (figure 3). At this stage the drops were reduced slowly to 2-hourly for one week, followed by 6 times a day for one week and then four times a day for a further month. The child recovered fully after this course and was discharged.

Figure 3 showing bleeding of the lesion after removal under anaesthetic