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Orbit/Oculoplastic Quiz 2
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Michael Tolentino MD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Aaron Fay, MD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School

November 3, 1997
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Figure 1
This is an eyelid lesion
Figure 2
This is the pathology of the biopsy.
Questions and Answers
1. What is the diagnosis?
Answer: A congenitally divided nevus or (kissing nevus)

2. When does this lesion develop?
Answer: This is a congenital nevus and its origin dates to the embryological fusion of the eyelids during the 9th week of gestation.

3. What is the pathologic description of this lesion?
Answer: This is a compound nevus of the upper and lower lid. A compound nevus combine junctional and dermal components. These are nests of round nevus cells situated at the junction of the dermis and epidermis, with marked cellularity within the dermis.

4. What is the malignant potential of this lesion?
Answer: There is a very low malignant potential for this lesion

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