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DJO offers physicians and vision scientists and other healthcare professional several topics of potential interest.

Grand Rounds
The Grand Rounds section presents rare and interesting cases from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School Department of Ophthalmology, and other institutions. Each case is presented in a manner to allow the viewer to work through the diagnosis and management. A discussion of the condition is also provided.

Original Articles
The Original Article provides an online multimedia resource committed to advancing and educating the practice of ophthalmology by providing a forum for in depth review articles, extended case reports, traditional scientific manuscripts and formal discourses on ophthalmic topics in greater depths than found in our Grand Rounds section.

Multimedia Review
The Multimedia Review section reviews current ophthalmic mutlimedia offerings (CDs, DVDs and other online resources). The editors will evaluate the material and post a review based on a number criteria including:
      · Graphics, Video and Audio presentation
      · Ease of Use
      · Quality of Information
      · Depth of Information
      · Features
      · Weaknesses

Knowledge Review
The Knowledge Review section is designed to assist clinicians in reviewing various ophthalmic subjects. Each review consists of one to three clinical photographs that illustrate an ophthalmic disease. Self-test questions relate to the disease process follow the clinical photographs. Users can click on a link to receive answers when needed. This is a quick and useful tool to review a wide range of topics. Many readers report that it is a valuable tool in preparing for the boards.