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Cornea/Refractive Surgery Quiz 22: Optics
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Yichieh Shiuey, MD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School

April 2, 1998
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Figure 1
An object is located 1/3 of a meter to the left of a +4 D lens. A +3 D lens is 2 meters to the right of the +4 D lens.
1. What formula is the most useful in determining the location of the final image?
2. Where is the final image located in this lens system?
3. What is the relative size of the final image compared to the object?
4. Is the object real or virtual?
5. Is the final image real or virtual?
6. What is the practical difference between a real and virtual image?
7. Is the final image upright or inverted relative to the object?
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