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General Ophthlamology Quiz 5: Ultrasound Quiz
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Carmen Gonzales, MD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School
Lois Hart, RDMS | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School

September 19, 1997
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Figure 1
Figures 1-2. These are ultrasounds FROM a 56 year old man with history of congenital glaucoma OU and diabetes since 1984, who presents with a VA: OD: LP and OS: NLP. Ocular tension is 13 OU. Anterior segment shows band keratopathy OU and mature cataract OS. Ultrasound was requested to evaluate the posterior pole OD.
Figure 2
1. Describe the findings of the B-scan ultrasound ( Both are horizontal views).
2. What is the most likely diagnosis and the differential diagnosis?
3. Why is important to have kinetic studies in this case?
4. What is the axial length and is it consistent with the patient's ocular history?
5. What other medical history may be important for this diagnosis?
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