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Neuro-ophthalmology Quiz 3
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Scott Burk, MD/PhD | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School

May 13, 1997
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Figure 1
Figures 1-2. Fundus photographs of an obese 19 year old woman with headache.
Figure 2
1. What is the clinical finding illustrated in the photographs?
2. What is the most likely etiology for this condition?
3. What are you likely to find on visual field testing?
4. What study should be done next and why?
5. This study was completely normal, what should be done next and why?
6. Given the results of the previous studies what is the most likely diagnosis?
7. How would you treat this patient?
8. If maximum medical therapy failed and there was progressive visual field or acuity loss what would be your next step?
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