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Glaucoma Quiz 7
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Lini Bhatia, M.D. | MEEI
Teresa Chen, M.D. | MEEI

April 1, 2005
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Figure 1

Case History
A 3-month-old male infant was noted to have tearing from the left eye, which had a pressure of 48 mm Hg (Figure 1).

1. What type of glaucoma is this?
2. What is the pathophysiology?
3. What are the breaks in Descemet’s called? How are they different from lines caused by birth trauma?
4. What is the classic presentation?
5. What is the inheritance pattern?
6. What is the gonioscopic appearance?
7. What is the differential diagnosis?
8. What is the work-up of these patients?
9. What is the definitive treatment?

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