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Glaucoma Quiz 4
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Lini Bhatia, M.D. | MEEI
Teresa C. Chen, M.D. | MEEI

July 26, 2004
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Case History
Case: A 45-year-old white female patient complained of mild pain, mild blurred vision, and rainbows around lights in her right eye. She gives a history of a similar attack in the past. There was minimal conjunctival congestion, a clear cornea, a few cells in the anterior chamber, and several fine keratic precipitates (figure). The intraocular pressure was 46 mm Hg OD, and the angle was open.
1. What is your probable diagnosis?
2. What is the differential diagnosis?
3. How do you differentiate this condition from uveitic glaucoma?
4. How do you treat the patient?
5. Why is the follow-up very important?
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