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Orbit/Oculoplastics Quiz 7
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Mark Melson, M.D. | Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

December 16, 2004
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Figure 1
Orbital CT of a forty-eight year old woman with slowly progressive proptosis in the left eye over the past 8 months.

Case History
A forty-eight year old woman presents with a several month history of slowly progressive, painless proptosis and blurred vision in the left eye. She is otherwise healthy. Her examination was notable for choroidal folds OS.
1. What is the differential diagnosis of the lesion shown in the scan?
2. What additional parts of the history and examination are especially pertinent regarding this patient’s presentation?
3. What diagnostic tests are indicated in this case?
4. What are the clinical and histopathologic manifestations of the lesion?
5. How would you manage this lesion?
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