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Thank you to our scientific reviewers 2018
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology 2019
Volume 25, Number 1
February 3, 2019
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The editors of the Digital Journal of Ophthalmology thank our expert peer reviewers for 2018. All of these individuals have volunteered their time to contribute to our goal of providing a high-quality free-access ophthalmic journal.

Anam Akhlaq, MD
Mary Aronow, MD
Sehyun Baek, MD
Pooja V Bhat, MD
Andrew Brown, MD, PhD
Antonio Capone, Jr, MD
Xuejing Chen, MD, MS
Rafael Corredor-Osorio, MD
Eric Gaier, MD, PhD
Brenda Gallie, MD, FRCSC
Ryan Gise, MD
John Gonzales, MD
Laura Green, MD
Seanna Grob, MAS, MD
Andrzej Grzybowski, MD, PhD, MBA
David Hunter, MD, PhD
Hoon Jung, MD
Pavlina Kemp, MD
Dan Knoch, MD
Makoto Kobayashi, MD
Josh Kruger, MD, PhD
Jonathan Lochhead, MD
Alice Lorch, MD
Marissa Lynn, MD
Jason Mantagos, MD
Hemal Mehta, MA, FRCOphth
Melina Morkin, MD
Jesse Pelletier, MD
Jullia Rosdahl, MD, PhD
Harpal Sandhu, MD
Leonard Seibold, MD
Lucy Shen, MD
Hiroyuki Shimada, MD, PhD
Hana Takusagawa, MD
Michael Trese, MD
Peter Veldman, MD
David Weinberg, MD, FACS
Natalie Wolkow, MD, PhD
Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD
Michael Yoon, MD

Author Information
Ankoor Shah, MD, PhD | Editor in Chief
Aaron Savar, MD | Science Editor